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Candlelight Records snapped up by Spinefarm

UK-based Candlelight Records has been bought over by Spinefarm.

Candlelight owners Edward Christie and Steve Beatty have sold the firm’s assets to Spinefarm, which is owned by Universal Music Group.

They insist the deal will not impact on Candelight’s roster of artists, which includes Ihsahn and Vision Of Disorder.

Christie and Beatty say: “Spinefarm have shown an understanding and respect for what we do and are looking forward to working with Candlelight’s artists. We also feel that they will treat the catalogue with respect.

“Contractually, nothing will change. All future album options and commitments as well as accounting will continue as agreed in contracts.

“It’s been a great ride and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved in those years. We have released some amazing music, some of which can genuinely be termed as classics of their genres, a major achievement.

“We have also released some records that were received so badly that frankly people thought we were insane, but we liked them and we thought they should be heard.”

Vision Of Disorder released their latest album Razed To The Ground last year, while Ihsahn’s Arktis is due on March 4.