Black Crowes lacked brotherly love says Chris

Former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson says he and guitarist Rich never shared a spirit of brotherly love during their 25 years with the band.

Instead, he suggests, the Crowes’ success was the only reason they continued to communicate after the late 1980s.

The split was confirmed last month by guitarist Rich after drummer Steve Gorman had previously hinted they wouldn’t be returning from hiatus to celebrate their quarter-century.

Now Chris tells HuffPost Live: “We never really had much of a relationship. You write some songs and that record sells six million copies, then you’re supposed to keep going. Then there’s family and there’s responsibility and stuff.”

But he continues: “I’m proud of the work. The Black Crowes gave me everything – the sheer, humble gift that a weird kid in Atlanta in the 80s could find his way through the world as an artist.

“I was in The Black Crowes for 20-something years. That was fantastic. What a rare, unique opportunity. It was great. It was cool. All the bad stuff, all the good stuff… it is what it is.”

The singer released his third Chris Robinson Brotherhood album, Phosphorescent Harvest, last April, while Rich issued his third solo project, The Ceaseless Sight, in May.