Black Crowes could be over


The Black Crowes’ run of shows in 2013 may have been their last, says drummer Steve Gorman.

He believes there’s little chance of another reunion, even though the 25th anniversary of debut album Shake Your Moneymaker falls next year.

Frontman Chris Robinson and his guitarist brother Rich are both planning to spend 2015 working on their solo projects, while the sticksman recently launched his band Trigger Hippy’s debut album.

Gorman tells Rolling Stone: “You could certainly many a strong case that we should tour next year. We’re not working.

“I’ve said in the past, ‘I know we’ll work again,’ or, ‘There’s no way we’ll work again’ – and I’ve been wrong. But right now, the likelihood of us doing anything again is as low as it’s ever been.”

He admits he’s happier thinking about Trigger Hippy: “I’m not at all interested in getting in a room and trying to figure out Black Crowes music. That doesn’t do anything for me. We’ve done right by what the Black Crowes were, and I think everybody is happy to be looking forward to different things.

“We could see things differently in a year – but I’ll be surprised if the Black Crowes do something again, ever.”

The band took their first hiatus in 2002 then regrouped three years later, before calling another halt after their 20th anniversary tour in 2010. Their last album, Croweology, was an acoustic take on tracks from throughout their career.

Trigger Hippy’s self-titled record was launched on September 30 via Rounder Records.