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Beartooth release new video for Beaten In Lips

Ahead of the band's debut album Disgusting dropping on 9 June, a video for new single Beaten In Lips has been released.

If you’re unaware of Beartooth, it’s the brainchild of former-Attack Attack! man Caleb Shomo and lives in in between Polar and A Day To Remember on the metal scale. Full of visceral, emotionally-charged lyrics from Shomo’s own life experiences it’s as cathartic as it is exciting. If you’re into the latest breed of post-hardcore madness then these guys are for you.

Disgusting is out 9 June on Red Bull Records, pre-order it here.

Disgusting Tracklisting:

  1. The Lines

  2. Beaten In Lips

  3. Body Bag

  4. In Between

  5. Relapsing

  6. Ignorance Is Bliss

  7. I Have A Problem

  8. One More

  9. Me In My Own Head

  10. Keep Your American Dream

  11. Dead

  12. Sick And Disgusting