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B.B. King aide sues icon’s kids

An aide to B.B. King has sued three of the late blues icon’s daughters after the drama that surrounded his death in May.

King passed away at the age of 89, leading siblings Karen Williams, Patty King and Rita Washington to accuse manager LaVerne Toney and assistant Myron Johnson of poisoning him.

The claims were investigated by police, who reached the conclusion that no foul play had been involved in King’s death.

Now Johnson – half-brother of Williams, but not the son of King – has launched legal action against the sisters, laying seven charges including defamation, slander, libel and conspiracy.

Washington tells that she hasn’t received details of the lawsuit, but says: “We knew it was just going to be a mess as everything unfolds.”

Johnson’s lawyer says there are several pieces of evidence that support his claims, including signed documents in which Williams and King both say: “I believe my father was poisoned. I believe my father was murdered.”

A representative for the sisters said she was “shocked” by the legal action, which will be enacted in Clark County District Court, Las Vegas.

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