Avant-Garde proggers HOIA stream debut album Savengers with Prog


Avant-Garde prog ensemble HOIA have streamed the hole of their debut album Scavenger with Prog. You can listen to the entire album below.

HOIA is the brainchild of Indian guitarist Prateek Rajagopal who enlisted the help of former Porcupine Tree and curret O.R.k. bassist Colin Edwin and Polish drummer Wojtek Deregowski for the project.

"Scavenger is the inception of multi-instrumental experiments and soundscapes on my musical journey," Prateek tells Prog. "Through the album, I played around with synthesizers, orchestra, piano and voice, and my mind opened up into a world that will soon define my future as a musician - being a film composer.

"No doubt, the album was written more than 2 years ago and is only the beginning of what's to come, but I felt it was necessary to put my 100% into this record and put it out there, keeping in mind the headspace I wrote it in, mainly to emphasize and ascertain that it's a stamp in time which shaped my future as a composer.

"It's nothing short of a labor of love for anybody who enjoys experimental music. It's also the first time I wrote without thinking about the guitar purely, but in fact, keeping the song in mind first. Although I wrote 15 songs for the album initially, I chose just 5 that I thought came from a more honest place - so I hope the listeners enjoy this modest but very important part of my discography!"

Scavenger is released this Friday, April 19 and is available to preorder here.