Atreyu ink deal for 2015 album


US metalcore outfit Atreyu have signed a deal with Spinefarm Records in Europe, they’ve confirmed.

The band returned following a three-year hiatus in September with a performance at the Aftershock festival, California and made comeback track So Others May Live free to download via Music Glue.

They’ll now release their sixth album, the follow-up to 2009’s Congregation Of The Damned, next year on the new label. And drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller says the deal will give them creative freedom.

He says: “We’re truly excited for this union. Signing with Spinefarm will allow us to create without restraint. We’re looking forward to the future.”

Saller previously stated the record would be a “punch in the face for heavy music.” He said: “It’s blistering. It’s a total reincarnation of my band. It’s as heavy as can be – definitely a punch in the face for heavy music in general.”