Atreyu material is reincarnation


Atreyu drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller says the music they’re currently writing marks a reincarnation of the band.

And despite previous comments that their next album would be similar to 2004’s The Curse, it’s developed into something different.

The Californian metalcore outfit are working on the follow-up to fifth outing Congregation Of The Damned, which was launched in 2009 before they went on hiatus. They confirmed they’d regrouped earlier this year, and last month released new track So Others May Live.

Saller tells MusicFeeds: “I feel like Atreyu is most like Atreyu somewhere in the middle of The Curse and A Death-Grip On Yesterday – and I feel like the new stuff doesn’t sound like that at all.

“We weren’t really focusing on what era, or what kind of record, we should go back to and emulate. It was just like, ‘Let’s give 100% of everything inside of us that we need to get out.’”

He adds: “It’s blistering. It’s a total reincarnation of my band. It’s as heavy as can be and aggressive as can be – definitely a punch in the face for heavy music in general.”

Atreyu talked about revisiting The Curse when they first hinted at regrouping in 2013. But Saller now admits: “It started coming up a year and a half ago, and it just wasn’t right. Probably six to eight months ago we started talking again.

“We decided to dip our toes back in and inch our way back. It really felt right, and with the state of the music world right now, it felt like a good time to do it.”

The band’s sixth album is expected next year.