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Aristocrats shows compromised by fan filming

Guthrie Govan says his performances with supergroup The Aristocrats can be compromised when people in the audience are recording the show.

His main issue with fans using phones to shoot video is that the results will be seen and heard out of context.

And that makes the guitarist think twice about improvising when he’s playing with bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann.

Govan tells MusicRadar: “I don’t like the whole filming thing at all. Improvising in front of an audience carries a certain element of risk.

“I’ve always liked the idea of trying to create a unique moment. I find it can be disruptive to that mindset to think that whatever I’m trying to do – regardless of whether it works – could end up on YouTube hours later, without any sense of context.”

He adds: “Feelings like that can definitely inhibit spontaneity. The performance captured by the iPhone-wielding army in the front row can’t possibly sound the same as the performance that would have occurred if everyone had just put their devices way, and made an effort to engage fully with the music instead.”

The Artistocrats released third album Tres Caballeros in June. They launch a European tour in November, with six UK shows the following month.

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