Arcade Messiah trail self-titled debut


KingBathmat frontman John Bassett has released a trailer for his upcoming Arcade Messiah project.

And he says he wanted to record a purely instrumental album as it would have a completely different feel from his previous studio outing.

He tells MetalMouth: “After writing and producing numerous KingBathmat albums and more recently the acoustic solo album Unearth, I decided I wanted to create my first instrumental album. I wanted it to be set audibly and visually in a dark, bleak and apocalyptic aura of despair and anger.

“I wanted to focus on enormous riffs and sorrowful, yet powerful, musical refrains and place them within a terrain of unusual time signatures, interspersed by moments of psychedelic calm.”

No firm release date has been set for the seven-track recording, but Bassett hopes to launch the album in late November or early December.

KingBathmat’s last album was 2013’s Overcoming The Monster, while they recently released a remaster version of Gravity Field. It was originally launched in 2009.