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Anthrax's Scott Ian was total dick to me - Fozzy's Rich Ward

Scott Ian and Rich Ward
Scott Ian and Rich Ward (Image credit: Getty)

Fozzy and Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward says Anthrax counterpart Scott Ian has behaved like a “total dick” to him twice – and it’s taught him not to do the same to his own fans.

He describes the experiences as “ugly” because he’s such a fan of Anthrax. But he refuses to make a permanent judgement on Ian’s character.

Meanwhile, Ian has been named as the host of an upcoming radio show entitled Never Meet Your Heroes.

Ward says in a recent episode of Behind The Barricade: “The first time I met Scott Ian he was a total dick to me. And the second time I met Scott Ian he was a total dick to me.

“It was rough, because I’m a big fan. Even though I was making records and I already had success of my own, I was still a little kid in his presence, because Among The Living was a big record for me.”

He adds: “I just remember, ‘Don’t be a dick to people, Rich, because you remember how it felt when he was to you.’

“When you see something ugly in somebody else, just remember how ugly that looked.”

Ward accepts that he doesn’t know what Ian was going through at the times in question. “Maybe he was having a rough day, or maybe he just hated my face. I don’t know.

“Do I think Scott Ian is a dick? I don’t even know, and it’s none of my business to say. I just know, lesson learned.

“All of those bad situations, I just turn them back around on myself as a lesson. Don’t do that – it looks shitty.”

Ian will present Never Meet Your Heroes on Volume, a talk radio channel to be launched by SiriusXM on October 17. His first guest will be Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor.

Stuck Mojo launched latest album Here Come The Infidels in June. Anthrax released For All Kings four months earlier.

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