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Stuck Mojo – Here Come The Infidels album review

Altanta’s nu metal also-rans Stuck Mojo putter into the sidings with new album

Stuck Mojo, 'Here Come The Infidels' album cover

Back in the 90s, just before the nu metal boom, rap and metal were beginning to coalesce in interesting and fresh ways. Stuck Mojo were never the stellar example of this union, but 1996’s Pigwalk was still a cracking collision.

It’s a different story in 2016 however, and with vocalist Bonz and bassist Corey Lowery absent from the lineup, this is a shadow of the band Stuck Mojo once were.

Here Come The Infidels is 11 tracks of nondescript US radio rock riffing and some pitiful Sesame Street-level rhymes, belched out in a grumpy pitbull grunt. Worst Person On Earth is the lyrical equivalent of wading through treacle, and quite how a song like Rape Whistle, with the catchy epithet of ‘Go get the rape whistle’ for a chorus, made it past the ‘shit in-joke idea for a song’ stage is staggering. If you believe that rap and metal don’t belong together then load this in your cannon. It’s dated, derivative and, for anyone who remembers Stuck Mojo first time around, painful to listen to.