Anathema's Vincent Cavanagh heads up guest vocalists on new Crippled Black Phoenix album

Vincent Cavanagh
(Image credit: Season Of Mist)

Anathema singer Vincent Cavanagh heads an impressive list of guest vocalists who will feature on the upcoming Crippled Black Phoenix album Ellengæst.

Earlier this week the band announced their new album would be released through Season Of Mist on October 9. It was also announced that as the core band of Justin Greaves, vocalist Belinda Kordic, guitarist Andy Taylor and multi-instrumentalist Helen Stanley began tracking the new album they found themselves without a male singer. Step forward Anathema's Cavanagh who sings on House Of Fools and Lost...

"It was a pleasure to work with a band who’s music I’ve enjoyed for years," he says. "Plus anyone who allows cats on their band photos gets my vote." 

Tribulation guitarist Jonathan Hulten, who released solo album Wasteland earlier this year, appears on The Invisible Past.

"The first time I heard The Invisible Past I was blown away, it had such a transcendent and hypnotically beautiful atmosphere," he says. "I did my best to make this majestic song justice and I am humbled to have been given such a task. Thank you, Justin and CBP, for letting me be part of the Ellengæst collaboration!"

Other guest  vocalists include Gaahls Wyrd vocalist Kristian Espedal, Suzie Stapleton and Ryan Patterson of US punk rockers Coliseum.

Ellengæst means “mischievous demon" in Olde English but in Scandinavian as “strong spirit,” represents Crippled Black Phoenix’s duality. “It comes from the same place, but with different connotations,” says Greaves. “That’s this band in a nutshell. We’ve had to stay strong because of all the BS we’ve encountered, yet we’re still going and subversive. It’s like we’re giving kids candy with razor blades in them.” 

Jerry Ewing

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