Alice Cooper band recorded ’solo’ album in hotel rooms

Chuck Garric, Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss, Glen Sobel and Tommy Henriksen to release album without Alice Cooper, centre
Chuck Garric, Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss, Glen Sobel and Tommy Henriksen to release album without Alice Cooper, centre (Image credit: Getty)

Alice Cooper’s band will release their own record without the frontman, they’ve revealed.

Guitarists Tommy Henriksen, Nita Strauss and drummer Glen Sobel say the album was recorded in hotel rooms using computers – with Sobel insisting that spending “crazy amounts of money” and working in studios to make music is “old-school.”

He tells One On One with Mitch Lafon: “It’s all of us in the Alice band minus Alice. We’ve been chipping away at this. It’s not quite done, but it’s getting there.

“I think the most cool, amazing thing about this is that it will demonstrate how you can make a record on basically almost no budget. We’ve used Pro Tools, we’ve been recording guitars, vocals in hotel rooms.

“I spent just one day in a real studio knocking out drums in Los Angeles. People don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money on making records these days – that’s so old-school.”

Sobel continues: “If you’ve got a good set of gear, if you can tune your instruments well and sing in tune and play well, and have a good producer’s ear, you can make a decent record.

“Experience counts for a lot – it is great working with producers in a real nice big studio, but those experiences are becoming less and less. There’s so many studios in LA that have closed down.

“It’s not just the future, it’s now. It’s making a record on your own, out of your own pocket.”

Strauss says everybody in the lineup except herself and Sobel will sing on the album. Sobel adds: “Ryan, Chuck and Tommy all sing leads in their own bands. They’re each taking turns singing songs on this record.

“I think everybody’s personality comes out on this. You might be able to tell who wrote what if you know the guys.”

Further release details will be issued in due course.

Cooper recently revealed he’d love a house of horrors theatre residency – so he can stage his own interactive rock shows. He and the band are currently on the road in North America.

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