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3 King Crimson tracks underway

Robert Fripp has confirmed King Crimson are working on three new tracks in the studio.

Pictures on the band’s Facebook page show Fripp and colleague Jakko Jakszyk collaborating on recording work, and the mainman says they’re “mapping out ideas for three new pieces.”

Last week he revealed plans to bring the latest incarnation of the band to the UK in 2015. Now he says the prospective run of shows might not include London, because he wants to avoid insulting the rest of Britain.

Fripp tells TeamRock: “We’re looking actively at possible venues in the UK and maybe just a few in Europe – but very limited.

“What we’re not looking at doing is one or two shows in London, which is the conventional approach. It’s always struck me that to do a tour of England that only takes place in London is an insult. It’s an insult to the country, if you like. So my idea of an English tour would be to actually avoid London.”

He says it’s a challenge to find venues that are “workable and available” but adds: “We’re looking at Glasgow or Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and maybe something in the London area, though not necessarily London itself.

”I can’t say whether it’s feasible or not – but that’s the plan right now.”

Fripp recently described the current lineup, featuring Jakszyk, Mel Collins, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Gavin Harrison and Bill Rieflin, as the first with which he’s genuinely enjoyed touring. He said: “It’s the first Crimson where I don’t sense any animosity or resentment from at least one member. This is a group from the get-go; the money is divided equally.”