Fripp hopes for Crimson joy at last


Robert Fripp hopes the latest incarnation of King Crimson will bring joy into his career at last.

He says that, despite countless satisfying achievements he’s never been entirely happy on the road – although recent rehearsals have made him think that might be about to change.

He reactivated Crimson last year and the latest incarnation features drummers Gavin Harrison, Bill Reiflin and Pat Mastelotto alongside bassist Tony Levin, saxophonist Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk on guitar.

Fripp tells Uncut: “My professional life has been so devoid of joy. Satisfaction, yes. Bits of nice happiness on the way, yes. An education, constantly. But a joyful undertaking? No.

“I haven’t actually enjoyed touring to date. I hope this tour will provide a new direction in my life of playing music.”

Crimson will tour the US starting next month after Fripp said in June that studio work had been “lotsa fun,” adding: “enjoying our playing together is encouraged. If you don’t wish to play a part, give it to someone else. There’s enough of them!”