Stop everything! There's a floating Death Star speaker!

Death Star speaker

The world lost its collective shit last week when Apple announced it was removing the beloved headphone slot from the iPhone 7. Oh, how we mourned. But that’s nothing compared to this Death Star speaker that has REMOVED GRAVITY. Some clever boffins at The Fowndry have used their ginormo-brains to reverse the effects of gravity. You might say they used the force, but that would make you a ridiculous nerd who finds joy in Star Wars puns (like us).

The Death Star speaker not only floats in mid-air – thanks to some fancy magnets – but it spins around! So no matter where the Rebels are hiding, they’ll still be subjected to the power of metal! Who needs a light sabre when you’ve got Manowar, anyway?

It works via Bluetooth and the battery lasts up to five hours of continuous play. That’s enough time to watch A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and have a little cry that The Phantom Menace exists.

Get your geek on and buy one from The Fowndry.

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