The 10 best Ghost memes

The 10 best Ghost memes

It’s no wonder that Ghost – the metal band of masked men led by an interchangeable pope-like figure called Papa Emeritus – would be subject to many memes.

Here’s one from Charles M. Schulz’s classic Peanuts strip. In this unpublished six-panel story, Charlie Brown persuades Schroeder to hammer out the opening chords of Deus In Absentia on his miniature piano. Over the course of the story, the Devil gradually appears before the pair, but the final panel was never completed. Alright, this might be something we made up.

Here’s a cheeky bread-inspired nod to the band’s cover of Roky Erickson’s If You Have Ghosts. If you stare at the bread for an extended amount of time, you’ll see the face of a Nameless Ghoul. Crumbs!

Ghost’s Cirice is one of the band’s heaviest moments from 2015’s Meliora. It seems fitting then, that someone has taken the lyrics and turned them into a weather report-based meme. Well done. We’re not sure how we’d feel about any of the Papa Emeritus lot telling us about the chance of an ice storm first thing in the morning.

Looks like someone fell for the old ‘didn’t you get my email?’ excuse. They knew what they were doing, make no mistake. Saying that, would a Nameless Ghoul use email? We suppose they’d have to have one as a means of communication, seeing as they’ve not got a single mouth between them.

We thought we’d give the Most Interesting Man in the World meme the day off. Instead, here’s Papa Emeritus II offering his take on the popular Dos Equis beer ad by quoting lyrics from Death Knell. But look at him. Face like Skeletor’s bollocks.

The late Bob Ross was a master of art. During his show The Joy of Painting, he’d take any brush, slap it on the canvas and just as you thought it was going to be a sorry mess – boom – a calming nature scene. Here’s a portrait of Papa Emeritus II which has definitely been photoshopped. How do we know? Because there’s no waterfall, forests or a V-shape which looks like a soaring eagle if you don’t spend too much time looking at it.

We didn’t know Philip H. Anselmo was the religious sort. Just keep him away from the wine at communion, for fuck’s sake.

“And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you secular kids.”

Here’s the unaired episode Scooby-Doo and the Secular Haze which was created in 2008 but has no been broadcast due to not existing in any shape or form. Roh-roh!

* NB: This offer does not exist. Who’d spend £666 on pizza?