The 11 best Korn memes

The best Korn memes on the internet

For the last few weeks on TeamRock, we’ve been rounding up the greatest band memes purely for your pleasure.

This week, our attention turns to Bakersfield legends Korn, mainly because they have a new album out and that their moniker lends itself to all sorts of clever wordplay. You’ll find out below.

So, here are the best 11 memes on the internet right now. Let’s call it a Bakersfield dozen. Anyone?

When Korn released their Greatest Hits Volume 1 compilation in 2004, it featured a cover of the 1979 Pink Floyd classic. Some people reacted to the song as though the band farted in a hot car and trapped them in it. Here’s Unpopular Opinion Puffin waddling into view to offer an alternative view. He’s so reasonable.

When Dr. John Harvey Kellogg created this breakfast classic in 1894, little did he know that his multi-million brand would be appropriated by bored nu metal fans with a flair for Photoshop. Mainly because computers and baggy jeans were the stuff of madmen’s dreams.

Here are four popcorn kernels paying tribute to Bakersfield’s finest. Fieldy appears to be left out of the line-up, though. Maybe Photoshopping a upturned bass and bandana was too much effort. But it’s OK, the joke still stands up.

Why is Jonathan Davis clutching a single page from this year’s calendar? Because someone deliberately misheard the opening line from Freak On A Leash and – boom! – a meme was born.

Not a meme as such, but the image of a man in cornrows studiously munching on corn while listening to a certain band (Korn) was too good to ignore. He gets through two cobs before saying he has some of it stuck in his teeth. “A downside to eating corn,” the Kenny Powers lookalike sagely notes.

A few days before the release of Korn III: Remember Who You Are, the band streamed a live performance from a cornfield in Kern County, Bakersfield. The irony was not lost on this Pimp My Ride meme featuring Xzibit.

Korn’s video for Thoughtless features a young Aaron Paul who plays a student called Floyd Louis Cifer. Maybe Bill or Ted below has a point; what if the daily bullying forced Floyd into changing his name to Jesse Pinkman and start a new life in Albuquerque? Think about it. It makes absolute sense.

We all know someone who wears an old Adidas tracksuit and often breathlessly answers the door with Got The Life blaring from the kitchen. If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t’, then it’s you, isn’t it?

There’s always one, isn’t there?

Only Insanity Wolf would choose Right Now to soothe a crying baby at bedtime. And that’s why he’ll never get a regular babysitting job. Mainly because he’s a wolf with problems.

Has a day ever passed when Gordon Ramsay hasn’t yelled in anger? Here he is shouting at a woman for not meeting his ridiculous standards. With all that pent-up aggression, he’d have made a great nu metal frontman back in the day. But sadly, he missed that opportunity and will have to make do with his millions of pounds and global fame.

Korn’s new album The Serenity of Suffering is out on October 21 via Roadrunner Records. The band will tour the UK in December with Limp Bizkit.

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