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Glitch Code: Gifted_Damaged


Glitch Code is the duo of keyboard player/producer Paul Kirkpatrick and singer Rachel Harvey, joined by a squad of studio musicians for their debut album.

Her voice leaping from the speakers, Harvey is capable of projecting moments of vulnerability or confidence, invitation or defiance, all perfectly articulated in a manner that suggests classical training. Musically, the pair blend electronica, alternative rock, synth pop and some gothic overtones in their sound. Bleed Out suggests Garbage circa their third album, with a dash of the Eurythmics. Monochromatic adds some bite to the guitars, which otherwise take a supporting role to the keys and strings, while Blame throws electro into the Glitch mix. It’s just a shame they rely so heavily on mid-tempo tracks: Mask and Intent have strong melodies, but Kirkpatrick’s steady-as-she-goes arrangements hold them back from reaching critical mass. Garbage, no doubt thanks to Butch Vig, were dab hands at balancing their trip hop influences with enough crunchy riffs to protect their rock credentials. Glitch Code clearly have talent and ability, and hopefully when they take this material out live they’ll let the songs off the leash, and start taking chances.