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David Cross & Robert Fripp: Starless Starlight

Reinterpreting a classic King Crimson theme…

As much as King Crimson fans love to be battered by the sturm und drang of the band’s louder moments, it’s always been the subtleties and delicate dynamics within the music that have elevated Robert Fripp’s outfit to levels of uniqueness and brilliance.

As a result, this extraordinary collaboration between Fripp and KC alumnus David Cross serves as a gorgeous salute to the most emotionally potent refrain in the band’s history. Inspired by the impromptu rebirth of the main melody from the epic Starless during some Fripp improvisation in 2006, these two mavericks have conjured a melancholy drift through refined ambient soundscapes, with Cross’ violin providing a focal point as that melody ebbs, flows, vanishes and reappears at various intuitive intervals. At times soothing, at others faintly unsettling, it’s a meeting of highly compatible musical minds that revels in languorous symbiosis; Fripp’s artful backdrop underpinning Cross’ soaring dexterity, that Starless motif phasing in and out to heartbreaking and immersive effect. Take the plunge and use this to soothe your fevered brow as you wait for the next regal and clangorous awakening.