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Your Guide To Your Free CD In Metal Hammer 260

When you pick up the new issue of Metal Hammer you're not just going to receive a ton of great features and exclusive interviews with your favourite bands, there's a free CD too! It's packed with 15 killer tunes to rip your face off. Here's what's coming your way...

Get your hands on this incredible CD by picking up the new issue of Metal Hammer here.

1. Judas Priest – Dragonaut

Shit the bed! The metal gods are back!

2. Opeth – Cusp Of Eternity

The prog metal masters reign supreme.

3. Mastodon – Chimes At Midnight

Sludgy riffs and thunderous drums!

4. King 810 – Murder Murder Murder

Metal just got more dangerous.

5. Electric Wizard – I Am Nothing

This will give you a doomgasm. Fact.

6. Suicide Silence – Inherit The Crown

Welcome back, deathcore heroes!

7. Sólstafir – Dagmál

These Icelandic heroes have found a new way of being heavy.

8. In Flames – Rusted Nail

One of the most inspirational bands in metal gear up for the next battle!

9. Every Time I Die – Thirst

The perfect soundtrack to punch the air and guzzle Jägermeister!

10. Anti-Clone – Here Comes The Flood

Downtuned riffs and nu-metal bounce!

11. Manumit – Walk Away

If Trent Reznor was in Pendulum…

12. Generation Graveyard – Human Hive

This post-apocalyptic pirate junk rock machine wants to make you a zombie!

13. From her Eyes – Disillusionist

These Welsh metalcore monsters look set for big things.

14. Beneath Dead Waves – Imperfect

Metal anthems executed with brainbursting technicality.

15. Alone With Wolves – Cutting Ties

For fans of Bury Tomorrow and Architects.

Luke Morton