Yak release Quest For The Stones


Yak have released their latest album Quest For The Stones – the follow-up to 2008’s Journey of the Yak.

And they’re offering the record in exchange for a donation to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Essex through their official website.

Keyboardist Martin Morgan was joined once again by drummer Dave Speight and bassist Gary Bennett and was mixed and mastered by Gertrude Luxury.

Morgan says: “A host of vintage synthesisers were deployed in the recording including Moog and ARP models together with Mellotron Hammond, flutes and string samples.”

Quest For The Stones is now available and should be listened to “using a pair of stereophonic headphones whilst adopting a horizontal position in a dimly lit, but temperate location preferably aligned with any local ley lines.”

Quest For The Stones tracklist

01. Quest For The Stones 02. Veil Of Aeternum