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Wire stream Internal Exile


Wire have made their track Internal Exile available to stream.

The song follows last month’s release of the band’s title track from Nocturnal Koreans, which is due for release on April 29. The mini-album includes material left over from recording sessions from their 2015 self-titled record.

Vocalist and guitarist Colin Newman says: “The Wire album was quite respectful of the band and Nocturnal Koreans is less respectful. More accurately, it’s the band being less respectful to itself – in that it’s more created in the studio rather than recorded as the band played it, which was mostly the case with Wire.

“A general rule for this record was, any trickery is fair game, if it makes it sound better.”

The band will also appear at Welsh festival Prestatyn ATP and Madrid’s GetMad! Festival in Spain next month.

Wire Nocturnal Koreans tracklist

  1. Nocturnal Koreans
  2. Internal Exile
  3. Dead Weight
  4. Forward Position
  5. Numbered
  6. Still
  7. Pilgrim Trade
  8. Fishes Bones

Wire 2016 tour dates

Apr 22-24: Prestatyn ATP, UK
Apr 27-29: Madrid GetMAD! Festival, Spain