Wilco offer Star Wars album free


Wilco have made all 11 tracks of ninth album Star Wars available for download in return for your email address.

The release, which runs for a limited time, can be accessed via their website, iTunes and Amazon.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy describes the move as “a jolt of joy” and “a fun surprise.”

The CD version will arrive on August 21 with a vinyl edition on November 27. Wilco will hold weekly prize draws for those who pre-order, with prizes including Tweedy’s handwritten lyrics, concert tickets, test pressing and an undeveloped disposable camera used by the band.


  1. EKG

    2. More…

    3. Random Name Generator

    4. The Joke Explained

    5. You Satellite

    6. Taste the Ceiling

    7. Pickled Ginger

    8. Where Do I Begin

    9. Cold Slope

    10. King of You

    11. Magnetized