White Hills premiere: MIST (Winter)

Prog is proud to premiere MIST (Winter), the latest video from New York space rockers White Hills.

It’s taken from the trio’s seventh album, So You Are… So You’ll Be, which considers the remnants of humanity that will remain long after our civilisation has gone.

They explain: “Long after man has ceased to exist, humankind’s mark on the universe will still be felt. There will be a circular ripple of radio waves created during the 20th and 21st Centuries traveling ever outwards into the cosmos for all eternity, as if caused by a tiny pebble dropped into a perfectly still pond.

“This thin, elegant wave will contain the only remnants of what we were. In it will be all of our films, radio, television, electronic communications and internet activity. It will contain all of our art, history, news and entertainment, in all of its stupidity, glory, inconsequentiality and brilliance – heading outwards across the void to the ends of time itself.”

Vocalist and bassist Ego Sensation tells Prog: “Filmed in an abandoned warehouse in Queens, MIST (Winter) is the first video production from New York collective Dreamhaus, whose purpose is to turn ordinary spaces into magical places. The video blurs the lines between the waking and dream worlds through in-camera effects and cubist-inspired editing techniques.”

So You Are… So You’ll Be is available via Thrill Jockey. White Hills have a series of US and European festival appearances planned during the summer. They’ll play the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia on September 27.

White Hills - MIST (Winter) from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

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