Wheel stream brand new song, the reflective Synchronise

(Image credit: Kakkis and Kimbe)

Anglo Finnish prog metal quartet Wheel have streamed their brand new single, Blood Synchronise, which you can listen to below.

At the same time. the band have announced that they will release their upcoming Rumination EP through InsideOut Music on November 10. it will be the band's first release for the label since signing for them earlier this year.

"This song has been in the works for the last five years, which even by our standards, is a really long gestation period - I had the idea for C part and the ending back in 2017 and finally came up with thematically appropriate parts to complete the structure at the end of last year," explains singer James Lascalles . 

"I was playing acoustic guitar professionally in several bands for years before we started Wheel and I have been considering the possibility of using the instrument in our material again for ages - I've just been waiting for a song that I felt was interesting enough to justify its use. 

"The lyrics are about reconciliation - this is something I could over-explain very easily but I don't want to make it all about me. I think the subject is something many of us struggle with and although I don't think forgiveness is arbitrary - there are cases where it is absolutely fine not to forgive; more often than not it is better to let go and to heal than to hang on to destructive anger, guilt and pain. I've never found it easy to write positive lyrics but they felt absolutely right for this track."

The band have recently been touring North America with both new label mates Leprous and Finnish classical rockers Apocalyptica. The band will join Apocalyptica in Finland in November, before hooking up with them again in Europe in early 2023.

“The US tour has been a blast," adds Lascalles. "We literally just finished the final show as I'm writing this (we are now in a van driving to our final hotel) and although we are all looking forward to going home after five weeks on the road, it has been an incredible experience. Apocalyptica and Leprous are incredible bands and people that we consider as friends after so much time spent together on the road and on top of meeting countless fans both old and new, we very much enjoyed getting to hear the bands play every night.” 

Wheel have previously streamed Blood Drinker.

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