What's Your Favourite Prog Album From 1974?


1974. The year of the three day week, powercuts, IRA bombings, Watergate and Germany winning the World Cup.

But it was also the year of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Of Rick Wakeman’s chart-topping Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. The final King Crimson studio album of the 70s, Red. Supertramp’s commercial breakthrough album Crime Of The Century. And Jethro Tull’s _Warchild _and Yes’ Relayer.

Those were just the big boys. Queen releases Queen II. Rush, Todd Rundrgen’s Utopia and Kansas all announced their arrival. Renaissance offered Turn Of A Card, Gryphon Red Queen To Gryphon Three, BJH’s Everyone Is Everyobdy Else, Kratfwerk’s Autobahn, Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom, and the first Refugee album, to name but a few.

Prog are collating your Top Ten albums of 1974, and we need your help. To have your voices heard and votes counted, email your Top ten and the reasons why you chose them, to prog@teamrock.com. We’ll be publishing the results shortly.