Virus' Czral: I’m exhausted writing about negative subjects

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Virus frontman Czral says there’s hope in the promise of future generations which inspires him to make music.

Though he says that concepts such as devastation, human failure and the destruction of the planet can open up “a poetic landscape” when writing lyrics, he admits that using negative influences all the time can be exhausting.

Czral tells Noisey: “There is something in the notion of devastation and apocalypse that opens up a poetic landscape. It might be that what we absolutely don’t want is something we can riff upon from the pleasant other side.

“I hope the lyrics have more facets to them. They’d be less worth if there’s no tongue in cheek. I hope people see that.

He says that Virus are working on a track named Chernobyl Wildlife, inspired by the catastrophic nuclear accident which happened in Pripyat in 1986.

He continues: “I have a thing for when nature takes over, after human failure. I remember Chernobyl. I remember that fear. It spawned and inspired a lot of great music.

“Look at Voivod’s Killing Technology or Nuclear Assault’s Game Over. Those records were released right after. They have Chernobyl written all over them.”

When asked whether humanity is doomed to extinction, Czral replies: “There are many shadows these days. To an artist it’s inspiring.

“For me, I don’t have any kids. It would be easy to say ‘yes’ to your question and leave it at that. But that’s kinda dark. I don’t wanna be dark anymore. It’s exhausting.

“Think of all the promising youth of today. There’s still much hope.”

Virus release their latest album Memento Collider tomorrow (June 3). It can be streamed in full below.

Virus Memento Collider tracklist

  1. Afield
  2. Rogue Fossil
  3. Dripping Into Orbit
  4. Steamer
  5. Gravity Seeker
  6. Phantom Oil Slick

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