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Vince Neil's Crue farewell tears were 'special'

Nikki Sixx says seeing Vince Neil in tears at Motley Crue’s last ever show was “really special.”

The frontman couldn’t hold back his emotions as the band bid farewell to a 34-year-career with a gig in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve. And the bassist says he knew how much it meant to Neil, as he’d only ever seen him cry a handful of times down the years.

Sixx tells CBC: “Vince cried, which I thought was really special, because I had seen Vince only cry a few times. That was really nice to see that.

“I felt ready. I felt proud. When I walking to the stage, I was, like, ‘We did it.’ When we played at The Starwood on January 17, 1981, nobody cared. We couldn’t get a record deal.

“And I was able to walk on that stage and go, ‘This is the last night on earth for Motley Crue, and I’m really proud of where we’re at.’ And I wasn’t sad. I was in the moment.”

Sixx has previously said he will pour all of his efforts into his other band Sixx AM, while Neil is working on a a “fun, nasty” solo album.

Guitarist Mick Mars, meanwhile, is working on an album with former Crue singer John Corabi.

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