Tomorrow's debut album re-mastered and reimagined as Permanent Dream

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Tomorrow, the 60s psych band that featured future Yes guitarist Steve Howe, Excerpt From A Teenage Opera vocalist Keith West and future Pretty Things and Pink Fairies drummer Jon 'Twink' Alder, along with bass player John 'Junior' Wood, are to have their sole album, 1968's self-titled release, reissued through Spirit Of Unicorn Records on April 28.

The new version, entitled Permanent Dream, has been reimagined and remastered by Steve Howe and features a new running order including some less well-known studio tracks and brand new artwork as well as brand new album notes from Howe and Twink.

"It struck me a few years ago that the magic of our band was never properly realised on our 1968 album release," explains Howe. "My plan evolved with the experience of using some great new technology..” Thus Howe set forth to realise the album which the band were trying to achieve some 55 years ago but which the technology of the time prevented."

Previously known as The In Crowd, Tomorrow rose to prominence in the 1967 film Smashing Time. Later that year the band released two singles, one of which, My White Bicycle, (later covered by Nazareth and Neil) was inspired by the Dutch Provos, an anarchist group in Amsterdam who instituted a community bicycle program. 

Although not a commercial success at the time, Tomorrow has gained an enormous cult following and is viewed as one of the finest examples of the original UK psych scene. The band split in 1968, with Howe going on to lead prog legends Yes, Twink released a concept album about Aleister Crowley in 2018 and West, who records predominently for the advertising industry, had a biography, Thinking About Tomorrow – Excerpts From The Life Of Keith West, published in 2021.

The new album, on which Howe has worked with US producer and sound engineer Curtis Schwartz, will be released on vinyl, including a limited edition violet vinyl, and CD. You can view the new artwork and tracklisting below.

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Tomorrow: Permanent Dream
1. Real Permanent Dream - Version One
2. Hallucinations
3. My White Bicycle
4. Why
5. Revolution
6. Strawberry Fields Forever
7. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
8. Now Your Time Has Come
9. Claramount Lake
10. Caught In A Web
11. Real Permanent Dream - Version Two
12. The Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase
13. Now Your Time Has Come (live)
14. Shotgun and the Duck (live)

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