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Tim Bowness Announces Live Collaboration With iamthemorning


Tim Bowness has hooked up with recent Album Of The Year recipients at this year’s Progressive Music Awards, iamthemorning, for two special live shows in November. The pair will play the IO Pages Festival in Ulft, Holland on November 12 and London’s Bush Hall on November 14.

Both bands are planning their own sets, but will also join forces with various collaborators for a mixture of iamthemorning, Bowness and No-Man material. “I’m really looking forward to combining what it is I do with what it is Iamthemorning do,” Bowness told Prog. “I think we both share a certain sensitivity and melancholy, while being very different from each other stylistically. I’m hoping there’ll be some interesting new takes on old songs.”

Bowness is currently working on his third solo album, an ambitious concept album revolving around the backstage thoughts of a fictional ‘classic’ Rock musician in the twilight of his career (titled Third Monster On The Left), the release is unlike any in his back catalogue and an early 2017 release is tentatively scheduled. Tim comments: “Though firmly based around my vocal and musical approach, befitting its subject matter, the album also draws inspiration from the period the concept covers: In particular, the harmonic richness and romanticism of 1970s Genesis, and the Mellotron-drenched majesty of early King Crimson. By God, I might have made a prog album!”

Ticket information for the IO Pages Festival can be found here. And for the London Bush Hall show, click here.