Threshold Name 10th Album


Threshold have confirmed their tenth album will be entitled For The Journey – and it’s due at the end of September via Nuclear Blast.

The follow-up to 2012′s March Of Progress is under production by guitarist Karl Groom and keyboardist Richard West, with final mixing expected to take place in May.

West says: “We’ve really enjoyed making this record. All the basic parts are recorded so now it’s a case of finishing our solos, compiling the vocals and adding more production moments.

“I think we’ve made a solid record. We’re really looking forward to putting it out there.”

Threshold last month unveiled a provisional For The Journey tracklist. It will be their second studio outing with Damian Wilson since his return to the fold.

Provisional tracklist:

  1. Watchtower on the Moon (5:24) 2. Unforgiven (5:18) 3. The Box (11:56) 4. Turned to Dust (4:17) 5. Lost in your Memory (4:48) 6. Autumn Red (5:48) 7. The Mystery Show (5:29) 8. I Wish I Could (5:27) 9. Siren Sky (6:08)