The world might not be ready for this sassy Beatles vs Beyonce mash-up

The Beatles Vs Beyonce
(Image credit: DJ Cummerbund YouTube)

The Beytles. Why has no-one thought of this until now? Do better humanity.

We're not saying that DJ Cummerbund's fiendishly clever mash up of The Beatles 1969 dirty sludge-blues masterpiece Come Together with Queen Bey's irresistible debut solo single Crazy In Love represents the absolute peak of modern pop culture... but we're not not saying it either.

'What, better than the time he brewed up a sweet blend of Beyonce (Crazy In Love) and Rammstein (Waidmanns Heil) with added shouty bits from James Hetfield?', we hear you ask, incredulously.

No, really, we respond to this imaginary question from your hive mind, even better. Trust. Plus this one has bonus dashes of Aerosmith, James Brown's Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine and um, Yoko Ono. Ramm-who? 


In you go...

You're welcome.

The Internet, as far as we can tell, is impressed.

"This goes so hard," comments YouTuber J Ciner. "I love how Yoko's vocals accentuate everything. James Brown totally did not need to be in here but I'm SO glad he was, it really brought it all home."

"This feels like a level up," adds one TacoMySalad. "DJ Cummerbund has always been the GOAT, but this song feels like a new benchmark. The choice of songs, the video editing, it all feels leagues ahead of an already incredible catalog of work. Thank you for killing it time and time again."

"Three of my favorite songs of all time put together!" comments SuperJNG18. "And I love the Yoko interpolations. She’s cooler than people give her credit for cuz they just think she’s the weird lady who broke up the Beatles."


DJ Cummerbund is on something of a hot streak at present, even by his own high standards. Taylor Swift versus The Mighty Mighty Bosstones? Sure. Hinder versus Justin Bieber? Why not. Vengaboys versus Run DMC? Actually, that one will never leave your head, ever, so go there at your own risk, we're saying. 

But basically, nice work maestro, 10/10, would recommend.

Paul Brannigan
Contributing Editor, Louder

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