The Resistance detail Torture Tactics


The Resistance will release 10-track ‘mini’ album Torture Tactics in February, they’ve announced.

The band featuring The Haunted vocalist Marco Aro, In Flames’ guitarist Jesper Stromblad, former In Flames’ guitarist Glenn Ljungstrom, ex Kaamos/Grave drummer Chris Barkensjo and bassist Rob Hakemo, will launch the record on February 27 via earMUSIC.

It features six new tracks plus two songs each lifted from their last EP Rise From Treason and previous full-length studio outing Scars.

The band say about the album: “Torture Tactics is 30 minutes of a good old slap in the face. It jumps at you with its pure aggression, speedy and heavy guitars, the obvious heavy distortion and extreme beats.”

In Flames released their 11th album Siren Charms earlier this year, while The Haunted issued eighth studio outing Exit Wounds in August.

Torture Tactics tracklist

  1. For War 2. Dead 3. Cowards 4. Deception 5. The Burning 6. Dying Words 7. Slugger 8. Expand To Expire 9. Face To Face 10. I Bend You Break