The Laze reveal Phantom finale


The Laze have premiered their video for The Strangler’s Cord, taken from their rescoring of 1925 movie The Phantom Of The Opera.

The band brought Rupert Julian’s acclaimed film back to life with all-new music.

Bassist-vocalist Daev tells Prog: “This scene is the climax of the the movie – also known to ardent cinemagoers as ‘The End.’ So if you haven’t seen this film before perhaps you would like to close your eyes and simply listen to our balls-out score. It’s a rather emotional, fast-paced and violent finale, and we attempted to reflect that with electric guitars, drums, sax, violins and synthesisers. We hope you find yourself feeling as fearful as Christine, as relieved as Raoul and as demented as The Phantom.”

He adds: “The film was re-scored by none other than Rick Wakeman in 1990. That was by no means our inspiration – merely a coincidence. Great minds think alike!”

The Phantom Of The Opera is on sale now via One Way Static. Those who purchase will also gain online access to a version of the original movie with The Laze’s music in place.


  1. Hidden From Man and Sun

  2. Faust Phantasmal

  3. The Chaos Of The Cursed House

  4. Under The Earth and Across A Black Lake

  5. Languish In Love (Erik and Christine)

  6. The Face Of Terror (Metamorphosen)

  7. Above And Beyond (An Impossible Love)

  8. I Am Ledoux

  9. Evil Spirit

  10. Watery Grave

  11. Spectral Fury (Voices From The Room Of Many Mirrors)

  12. Heat, Intolerable Heat

  13. Scorpion vs Grasshopper

  14. The Strangler’s Cord