The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil diagnosed with bone infection

Jonathan Vigil
Jonathan Vigil

The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil has been dealt another health blow after he revealed he’s been diagnosed with a bone infection.

The vocalist, who underwent further surgery on his ankle last month after the screw dislodged and came out of his skin, says his long road to recovery has been set back as he faces six weeks of treatment.

Vigil says: “Another six weeks of intravenous antibiotics. Another six weeks without progression. Another six weeks away from a seemingly simple goal of being able to just walk on my own again.

“I’ve been put to the test many, many times during this ordeal. We all have. You would think that after nearly seven months we would be back to normal, but we’re not. Actually far from it.”

The band’s tour bus was involved in a crash with a truck in El Paso, Texas, in November 2015. Both drivers were killed and the band suffered varying degrees of injuries.

Vigil sustained a fractured back and neck, two broken ankles, ligament damage to his knee, a broken tooth and a wound on his back. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost a leg in the crash, but he played the kit for the first time with his artificial limb in March.

Meanwhile, guitarist Zach Johnson endured 26 hours of surgery to repair damage to his feet, legs and hip.

Bassist Jim Riley recently said he was inspired by his “warrior” bandmates, adding that they have taught him the meaning of “true strength” in the months since the crash.

But Vigil admits that this latest stumbling block has diminished his positive outlook on life.

He says: “I’ve always been the one to wear a smile on my face with the mantra ‘everything will be alright.’ I’ve spent a lot of time wavering with this belief. More than I care to admit.

“I can sympathise more now with the other side because I’ve been the one for so long that’s been on the pedestal. The one that has the easy job of saying ‘It’s ok.’ But now I’m the one living it and I know just how difficult it can be.

“I’ve had my words shoved back in my face. And now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. I just didn’t know how hard it would be but I’d like to think I’ll come out stronger.”

The Ghost Inside are scheduled for 2017’s Vans Warped Tour, but Johnson says the band will take their time to recover before returning to the stage.

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