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Ghost Inside drummer plays for first time since losing leg

Andrew Tkaczyk
Andrew Tkaczyk (Image credit: Getty)

The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has played the kit for the first time since losing his leg in a tour bus crash.

Tkaczyk and his bandmates suffered life-changing injuries in last year’s fatal accident, which killed two people. The drummer vowed he would play again and he reports in an Instagram post that he has taken the first steps towards his goal.

He says: “Today was a huge baby step. I sat behind a drum kit for the first time since the accident, and it felt incredible.

“Every encouraging word and support from you all has gotten me to this point. I may not reply to every single person, but I’ve read every single message and comment. From every single one of you.

“Thank you all so much for being on my side on this journey, it means more than words can describe. Also couldn’t have done this without my TGI family and friends.”

The Ghost Inside singer Jonathan Vigil is recovering after suffering a fractured back and neck, two broken ankles, ligament damage to his knee, a broken tooth and a wound on his back in the crash. He also had to have a skin graft on his right elbow.

The band added guitarist Chris Davis as a permanent member this month.

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