The Enid lose 2 more members

Max Read and Dave Storey
Max Read and Dave Storey

The Enid mastermind Robert John Godfrey has announced that guitarist Max Read and drummer Dave Storey have left the band, soon after vocalist Joe Payne’s departure.

Payne exclusively confirmed to Prog this week that he’d decided to move on after five years.

Now longtime member Read and co-founder Storey have also departed, leaving a core unit of Jason Ducker, Zachary Bullock and Dominic Tofield.

Godfrey – who retired earlier this year but retains an advisory role – says in a statement: “Big seismic events, such as those which have been going on within The Enid, always lead to changes in the landscape. These destructive upheavals are just a reflection of life itself. There is always a future in the aftermath and the unexpected nearly always happens.

“Dominic was due to take over from Dave at the end of the year. Unfortunately Dave’s planned hip operation was rescheduled, leaving him unable to do the gigs planned. Dom Tofield is now The Enid’s drummer.

“Max has decided to follow my example and step down from appearing on stage with the band.

“My personal goal is to help The Enid find the next generation of music fans who are passionate about change and could relate to The Enid as it goes forward with its plans.”

Read says: “Despite enjoying creating music I’ve never particularly enjoyed performing. It’s not a natural thing for me, and being a star is not something to which I have ever aspired.

“My role in The Enid was always as a helping hand and I now feel that the boys can manage very well without me.

“The love and support I’ve been shown over the years has meant a tremendous amount to me, and has made my decision to leave a very tough one indeed – but I must now follow my heart.

“I have the utmost confidence in the band and will remain living at Enid HQ to give them any help and support that they may require over the coming months and years.”

Godfrey confirmed in 2013 that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and wanted to hand The Enid over to the next generation before he became too ill. He says: “I still seem to have all my marbles. I don’t quite know what is going on with my diagnosis. I haven’t noticed much change and nor has anyone else.

“I’ve managed to lose lots of weight, stop smoking and I’m working hard on music and helping with the shape of things to come.”

Read will take part in the band’s remaining 2016 instrumental shows as they mark the 40th anniversary of debut album In The Region Of The Summer Stars. Godfrey and Ducker are taking the lead in writing the band’s next record, which Godfrey has described as “darker, heavier, more extreme and relevant to an impending tomorrow.”

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