The Black Queen announce new album Infinite Games

The Black Queen
(Image credit: J Whitaker)

The Black Queen are releasing their sophomore album Infinite Games on September 28.

The follow-up to 2016's Fever Daydream will be released on the band's own record label Federal Prisoner.

“Federal Prisoner won’t function like a typical label,” says vocalist Greg Puciato. “It’s an expression of passion and individualism in a way that opens more doors for us to create and to own what we create with minimal compromise. It’s as much an act of refusal as it is a statement of intent. 

"We won’t be working within the current industry blueprint of premieres, ‘instant grat tracks’ or any of that nonsense. We’re concentrating on the music, videography and packaging, an aural and visual experience. It’s exciting to create our own path.”

Speaking about what has changed since Fever Daydream, Greg says that the band have learned how to do everything themselves.

“There’s less uncertainty and more confidence," he continues. "I’m speaking both about the artistic and business aspect of creating and releasing an album. As for what’s changed with Infinite Games, I think it feels more conceptual as an album. It’s less a collection of songs and more about the front to back listen. Probably because it wasn’t compiled over a four-year span of time like the last one. This one is actually hookier but more insidious, it’s a more delicate record.”

Infinite Games will be the first new music from Greg since The Dillinger Escape Plan's final album Dissociation in October 2016.

Infinite Games tracklist

1. Even Still I Want To
2. Thrown Into The Dark
3. No Accusations
4. Your Move
5. Lies About You
6. Impossible Condition
7. Spatial Boundaries
8. 100 To Zero
9. Porcelain Veins
10. One Edge Of Two

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