Sunn O))) stream 'darker' Kannon


Sunn O))) have made their upcoming seventh album available to stream.

Kannon is released on December 4 via Southern Lord Recordings and its three tracks can be heard below. The follow-up to Monoliths & Dimensions is Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson’s first studio album in six years.

It features Tibetan throat-singing vocals by Atilla Csihar of Norwegian black metal outfit Mayhem.

O’Malley tells Rolling Stone: “I think with Kannon, the way it’s set up, there’s a mantra that emerges. Because of Atilla’s style, because of the melodic aspect of the guitars, I think that mantra, you identify it sooner. It would appear to you that things are being played faster because something sticks more.”

Anderson adds: “I think if anything actually, in relation to Monoliths, I think it’s a slightly darker mood. I think that Monoliths & Dimensions was us embracing the light, and I think that continues on to the songwriting on Kannon, too.

“You know, realising that there’s more to ‘heavy’ than just bludgeon and black. Heavy can be even heavier if it has a fuller spectrum involved with it, if it has other colours.”

Kannon will be available on gatefold LP, CD and digital formats, with a limited number of clear vinyl made available on Record Store Day‘s Black Friday last week.

Sunn O))) last year released their collaboration with Scott Walker, Soused.