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Stone Sour reveal mysterious Hydrograd teaser

Stone Sour
Stone Sour

Stone Sour have released a mysterious teaser video for their upcoming album Hyrdograd.

The follow-up to House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 is expected to launch in June – although no firm date has been set.

The video appeared on the band’s website and features flickering black and white images, computer code and glitchy snippets of Corey Taylor’s vocals. Watch it below.

Last month, Stone Sour issued a video showing them inviting one of their fans into the studio to listen to tracks from the record.

Speaking previously about Hydrograd, Taylor said: “We just destroyed it and it sounds incredible. Everyone is saying the same thing – not only are the songs good, but the energy is incredible because it has that live vibe.

“This is not beat-detected, auto-tuned or pitch-corrected. It’s so bad ass it’s not even funny.”

He added: “We have six singles on this album. I’m really excited – this album is great because it’s got elements of everything. It’s got the heavy energy of the 80s, there’s punk moments, there’s hard rock moments – all the great amalgam of music.

“There’s even jazz and hip-hop moments, it’s really, really cool. It’s probably the coolest album I’ve made since the first Slipknot album. I feel very confident making that statement because it’s so good.”

Further details on Hydrograd will be revealed in due course.

Corey: Stone Sour album is “coolest” since Slipknot’s debut

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