Steve Hackett says he's 'proudest' of Tribute album

Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett (Image credit: Getty)

Steve Hackett says he’s most proud of his 2008 album Tribute.

The former Genesis man says his record was inspired by his guitar role models, Andres Segovia, Julian Bream and John Williams.

Hackett tells Eon Music: “Probably the album that I’m proudest of is called Tribute. I did six pieces of Bach on it, and it was just wonderful to be able to do that work that had been attacked by the greats such as Andres Segovia, Julian Bream and John Williams.

“It’s a bit like Shakespeare for an actor, so I quite see why someone who, having done blockbusters would just want to go and act Hamlet. It’s lovely to be able to do things that are out of character – there is no such thing as Steve Hackett – what there is, is an awful lot of music and influences that he assimilated over many, many years, and now I’m in the position to be a sufficiently plausible character actor, to wander in and out of these various schools.”

Hackett’s Premonitions box set which launched last year has also been nominated for The Storm Thorgerson Grand Design Award at this year’s Progressive Music Awards – a prize which celebrates artists who “strive for great artistic heights” in the aesthetic design of their release.

Hackett says it’s “ironic” that he was shortlisted, as he paid artist Roger Dean for the work out of his own pocket after his record label refused to stump up cash.

He says: “It’s ironic isn’t it, because the album sleeve, I had to pay Roger Dean myself to do this because Universal Records weren’t prepared to pay for it. And now it’s up for an award. So if you want something done, do it yourself.”

The Progressive Music Awards will be held at Shakespeare Globe’s Underglobe venue in London on September 1. Visit the Prog Awards website for more information.

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