Spock’s Beard set marks 20th anniversary

Spock’s Beard have confirmed the launch of a 3-disc compilation album entitled The First Twenty Years.

It arrives via InsideOut on November 20 and contains a new 19-minute track called Falling For Forever, which features every musician who’s ever been in the band, including former mainman Neal Morse.

The DVD carries rare footage from the 1990s, including their set at Progfest ’97 and rehearsal and recording scenes from The Kindness Of Strangers sessions.

Bassist Dave Meros says: “Deciding which songs would best represent the band over 20 years, 12 albums and three different lineups was challenging enough. Add the fact that a lot of our songs clock in anywhere from eight to 20 minutes, and the selection process became that much more daunting.

“Finally we’ve come up with a list which we think represents each album and era of the band quite well.”

He adds: “We were adamant about not wanting to just release our earlier material in a new package. With that in mind, Neal came up with Falling For Forever, which written specifically to include all current and past members of the band.

“Everyone’s schedules lined up to record it – and Rich Mouser was available to mix it, as well as re-master all of the earlier songs.”

Morse says: “It was a lot of fun writing for the Spock’s gang, including Ted Leonard and Nick D’Virgilio’s voices. I think the end result is really, really cool. Ted sings the choruses, Nick sings the middle section, and I sing the verses. It’s truly a team effort – the fans are going to love it!”

Spock’s Beard released 12th album The Oblivion Particle in August. They launch a European tour later this month.

The First Twenty Years


  1. The Light
  2. Thoughts
  3. The Doorway
  4. June
  5. Day For Night
  6. At The End Of The Day
  7. Solitary Soul
  8. Wind At My Back


  1. The Bottom Line
  2. She Is Everything
  3. On A Perfect Day
  4. Jaws Of Heaven
  5. Waiting For Me
  6. Tides Of Time
  7. Falling For Forever
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