Sophie Lloyd shares sizzling video for Iron Maiden-inspired single Do Or Die

Sophie Lloyd Do Or Die video still
(Image credit: Sophie Lloyd)

Guitar heroine Sophie Lloyd has shared the video for Do Or Die, her recent collaboration with Inglorious vocalist Nathan James.

“The response to Do Or Die has been amazing, and I love seeing people react to the song,” says Lloyd on the reaction she's received for the song. “It's so cool seeing guitarists cover the solos and videos of people having it on in their cars and stuff. It's so awesome to see all the positive comments and it just makes me so much more excited to release the rest of the songs.”

The video for the Iron Maiden-inspired single, a first taste of the guitarist's forthcoming album Imposter Syndrome, features fire artist Lula, who Lloyd describes as “amazing”.

“She is such a talented performer, and takes her craft so seriously and is so dedicated. We've become such great friends and I'm so excited to see what she's doing next.”

Speaking about her admiration for Nathan James, Lloyd says, “I have been following his music for many years and he just has the most incredible voice and did such an amazing job on bringing this track to life. I'm so grateful he was able to take part! I remember getting the rough vocals back from Nathan while I was away in LA, and we were just blasting it out of the car on the freeway. That's when I knew this would be the first single to be released from my album.”

Imposter Syndrome is expected next year on the guitarist’s own Autumn Records label, and will feature more collaborations with name vocalists.

“Some of the people we’ve worked with are people I used to have as posters on my wall as a kid,” Lloyd states, “so it feels very full circle. It's something that I have been working on before the first lockdown, and to be here talking about it feels amazing!”

Watch the video for Do Or Die below: