Sontaag return with Beyond Forever

(Image credit: Julie Cunnah/Kevin Nixon)

UK space rock prog duo Sontaag are to release two brand new tracks, Beyond Forever and Back To My Soul, through Cleopatra Records on September 18.

Core duo Richard Sontaag and Ian Fortnam are once again joined by Adam And The Ants/Bow Wow Wow drummer Dave Barbarossa (who featured on the band's cover of Hawkwind's Silver Machine which was released last year), while former Swervedriver bassist Steve George also features.

“Between them, these compositions form the next chapter of the Sontaag story," says Fortnam. "The conclusion of the album saw our lead character drifting away from a scene of total annihilation into an uncertain future. These songs reflect our hero's innermost thoughts. Beyond Forever finds him lost, alone, permanently social distanced, but ultimately optimistic, while Back To My Soul has him searching for spiritual redemption while mourning for all that's gone. If our first chapters were set in outer space, these next instalments play out in a terminally locked-down inner space.”

Beyond Forever has a kind of James Bond theme feel to it," adds Sontaag. "Ages ago, I remember going to a film studio in Ealing and watching them cut together the opening credits of a Bond film, and that was a lot of fun. When we were writing Beyond Together, I was thinking of something that could play over a really spaced-out Bond opening... I like riffs, but I’m also interested in the traditional craft of songwriting. Back To My Soul is an attempt to combine the two.”

Jerry Ewing

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