Snot urge fans to Get Some


Snot have announced a US tour during which they will play debut album Get Some in its entirety.

The American punk metal outfit played their first show for five years in Los Angeles in February and have now confirmed a 17-date US tour which kicks off on November 28.

Further international dates are expected to follow, with the band saying a world tour is on the cards.

Original Snot singer Lynn Strait died in a 1998 car crash, shortly after which the band split, before reforming with new singer Tommy Vext 10 years later.

Vext says: “Words cannot describe how excited I am to be getting back on the road with my brothers in Snot. It is a privilege to play with a band that has had an indeterminable influence over countless artists from the band’s inception and thereafter.

“I’m honoured to pay tribute to Lynn Strait and offer Snot fans on an international level the live experience they may not have yet enjoyed.”

They will be joined on the tour by He Is Legend, Thira and Lydia Can’t Breathe.

Guitarist Mikey Doling says: “I want to let you know we are ready to rock out as hard as humanly possible with all you Snot heads around the world on our first world tour. I hope you’re ready, because we have a tonne of massive energy to bring to you.

“Snot is something special to us. We will enjoy playing our debut and only record, Get Some, in its entirety for you live.”