Slipknot fan family sold car for concert tickets says Clown

clown slipknot
Clown as seen in Day Of The Gusano

Slipknot percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan has spoken of a moment that underlined the level of commitment shown by their fans.

And he’s admitted he didn’t always feel as strongly about the band himself – although that’s changed as the years went by.

Speaking ahead of the release of concert movie Day Of The Gusano, Clown tells AltPress: “I met some people that sold their car to get tickets for their whole family.

“That’s insane to me – to sell a vehicle for the idea of rock’n’roll, for a band called Slipknot.

“Somewhere along this journey I had this epiphany. A lot of the things that go on with Slipknot can’t be written. They’re too unusual.

“I started feeling like we’ve been chosen. It would have been impossible for us not to be who we are. When that light bulb went off, I couldn’t believe how far we’d come.”

He adds: “I take it very seriously, what we do. I may have thought differently in the beginning, but these days, because I’m older, I try to use that wisdom and rely on what we’ve created.

“We’ve created something special that’s a requirement in this world today. Slipknot is important to the world.”

Day Of The Gusano will be screened at selected cinemas on September 6. Watch a brief clip below. The band are beginning to turn their thoughts to their next album – which Clown would prefer to be a double-disc affair, but only under the right circumstances.

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