Six Things We Learned About The New Slipknot Movie

Slipknot movie

On September 6, Slipknot will unleash their new concert movie, Day Of The Gusano, across over 1000 cinemas around the world – including over 100 theatres in the UK alone. Directed by Clown himself, the film features extensive footage from their first ever show in Mexico at Knotfest 2015 as well as a ton of intimate behind the scenes footage. Hammer was granted access to a special preview screening – and here’s what we learned.

You need to see this on the big screen

Featuring one of the best mixes we’ve ever heard for a concert film, seeing and hearing Slipknot’s eye-popping, ear-busting live show on a big, fuck-off cinema screen is as close as you’ll get to the real thing – with the added bonus of no beer getting dropped on your head or teeth getting knocked out in the pit. Well, technically that could still happen, depending on how rowdy your particular screening gets. Still though, there’s so much colour and so many things to look at during the live segments that this is very much a film best viewed as big and as loudly as possible.

Slipknot has become a true institution

Like Metallica and Maiden before them, Slipknot have become an absolute cornerstone of our world, and this film is yet more proof of that. From the unbelievable dedication of their fans to the levels of detail put into their craft to the sheer size and scope of Knotfest itself, this is the definitive look at Slipknot’s power and importance to our scene in 2017. Long may it continue.

This is Clown’s movie

While Corey, Jay, Mick and Jim are all also interviewed throughout the film, Day Of The Gusano is undoubtedly Clown’s passion project. His touch is all over the joint, from the creepy, horror movie-esque titles to the quite blatantly Clown-heavy interview segments. It’s through his eyes that we truly get a sense of the scale and passion put into the Slipknot vision, and it’s through his narrative that we’re also able to explore Mexico and take in the sights and sounds of the Knot’s first visit there. Plus, he also strapped a camera to his own mic for the live bits. That shit is…close up.

Mexico is The Shit

While we only catch fleeting glimpses of the country itself, it’s a safe bet that most fans will walk out of Day Of The Gusano wanting to book themselves straight on a flight to Mexico. One of the best segments in the whole film is seeing Clown take in the view from the top of the Sun Pyramid in the ancient city of Teotihuacan – a truly amazing place whose spirituality evidently leaves a mark on the Iowa crew. Heavy metal tour guides work, folks!

Maggots are the most passionate fans going

Those who have seen Maiden’s brilliant and not entirely dissimilar Flight 666 film will be well versed in the passion of metal’s Latin American contingent, and the level of love the Mexican maggots have for their favourite band is completely off the scale. One of the best things about this film is getting to see Slipknot interact directly with their fans, and there are some genuinely emotional moments peppered throughout the movie featuring the band hearing testimonies firsthand of just how much they mean to their followers. We dare you not to crack a tear when Corey hears one particularly heavy story. In fact, if there’s one small criticism of Day Of The Gusano, it’s that there isn’t more of this kind of candid footage – it provides the real heart of the movie and underscores what metal at its core is all about.

Knotfest needs to come to the uk

The flying drone footage of the Knotfest Mexico site is truly brilliant to see – and when Clown points out at one point that England, amongst a lot of other countries, are yet to experience Knotfest in all its glory, we couldn’t help but get a pang of envy. So come on, lads, get that shit over here soon, yeah? We’re all ready.

Day Of The Gusano hits cinemas on September 6 across the globe. Find a screening near you.

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