Araya considering solo album


Slayer frontman Tom Araya admits he’s under pressure to make a solo album – but if he does, his fans may be taken by surprise.

The thrash giants’ 11th album Repentless is launched later this week after a dramatic period that’s included the death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman and the dismissal of drummer Dave Lombardo.

And although the bassist and vocalist admits he’s thought about quitting the band, he didn’t do so for long.

Araya tells RockSverige: “The worst thing we could have done is to not have done anything and stopped. We figured we owe that much, because everybody’s expecting a record.”

He expects their Repentless world tour to last two years, after which they’ll consider their options.

He says: “My wife keeps telling me, ‘You should do something. They’re asking if you’re going to do a solo album. You should – you’ve got some great stuff.’

“I’ve got ideas for lyrics. Whether they’re great or not, I don’t know. But I have all kinds of ideas.”

Araya adds: “I’m not much of a music writer, but I have things I’ve thought about.

“It wouldn’t be what people expect. They know me as Slayer – if I were to do a solo album, I’d like to think they’d be open-minded and not expect something they think it should be. A solo album is exactly that.”

The band, who just shot a star-studded video for the Repentless title track, will return to the UK in November with Anthrax.